Optimizing Android apps for desktop experience

Victor Okunev
Developer Evangelist at Samsung, Canada

The mobile devices of the latest generation are now capable of powering the desktop user experience. Get your Android apps ready for the big screen. Learn what it takes to optimize your apps for enhanced interactions, desktop mode capabilities, and an overall amplified in-app experience.

Stay for the quiz and for a Samsung DeX station giveaway at the end of the session!

About speaker

As an experienced hands-on architect and educator, Victor combines his expertise with his passion as a Samsung Developer Evangelist. In this role, Victor acts as a liaison between the company and the mobile software development community worldwide, primarily focusing on B2B space. When he's not travelling around the world to meet with developers, Victor bikes to work in his home-town Vancouver, two hours a day, rain or shine. He holds an MSc in Computer Science from Moscow State Institute of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automation.
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