MVVM with Databinding and Google's new ViewModel

Danny Preussler
Android Lead at Viacom, Google Developer Expert (GDE), Germany

At Google I/O we got the Android architecture components. One of its most interesting concepts in there is the new ViewModel.

This sounds like a perfect fit into the MVVM (Model View ViewModel) architecture. What’s the idea of MVVM? How does it fit into the new architecture components? And what's the role of Android databinding here?

Let’s look into those concepts and what Google adds to it. Not only from high level, let’s look at the actual code!

About speaker

Danny is in charge of Android development at Viacom in Berlin. Before that he worked for companies like Groupon, eBay and Alcatel. His mobile career started long before any iPhone with Java ME and Blackberry applications. Danny writes and talks about mobile development and testing regularly and is a Google Developer expert for Android.
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