iOS Architectural Approaches

Rui Peres
Lead iOS Engineer at Babylon Health, UK

All three approaches are being used at babylon health with great success. None of them are tied up to a specific programming paradigm (e.g. Functional Reactive Programming), so you can easily make this work, independently of the approach you use in your own apps. Finally, this talk is not only for iOS devs: these ideas can easily be extended and applied to Android apps as well.

In this talk I will present three approaches for common problems in iOS Development:

  1. Handling Application Lifecycle.
  2. Defining UI Flows.
  3. Abstracting Analytics.

The goal of the talk, is for the audience to be able to pick up quick tips and apply them on their day to day development, by leveraging Swift's awesome features!

About speaker

Rui has been working as an iOS developer since 2010. Lately, at babylon health, he leads a team of 10 iOS developers, leaving less time to code, but with a new set of challenges. He's also an OSS and FRP evangelist and a core member of ReactiveCocoa and ReactiveSwift. He also spends a considerable amount of time exploring new programming languages, but not doing anything useful with them.
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