Enhance your world with ARKit

Marius Constantinescu
iOS Developer at Greener Pastures, Denmark

Apple took everyone by surprise at WWDC introducing ARKit, a framework that helps developers create augmented reality experiences for their users by adding virtual objects and information to the real world. Probably the biggest software-only breakthrough in recent iOS updates, ARKit is still new, but we have all already seen demos of what it can do. There are lots of possible use cases for it, and it's up to us to create awesome experiences for our users with ARKit.

In this talk, I will give a small intro to ARKit and show how to make your first ARKit app. We'll look at how to enable ARKit in your app, possible use cases of ARKit and go through some tips and tricks.

About speaker

Marius had his first contact with iOS development in 2010 and has been working continuously with it since 2013. Big fan of Swift and open source, he has been a contributor to iOS Goodies for about 2 years and is currently in charge of the newsletter. Previously at Nodes, where he was part of open sourcing most of the internal tools and frameworks, now he works as an iOS developer at Greener Pastures.
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