Augmented reality on Android

Yurii Kotov
Android Developer at Ciklum R&D, Ukraine

Augmented reality (AR) is one of the hottest trends in tech these days because this area is quite pure and young with huge opportunities in the future. AR was one of the key features in lately presented smartphones from giants Google and Apple. This promising technology will change the industry of mobile devices.

I am going to tell about first steps in AR on Android, the biggest challenges during development and how to research a new technology in a few months. During the talk, I will show interesting demo, useful showcases and tell a story about my summer trip to San Diego and how they work. Why code style is so important in a big project and how much attention they pay to architecture design.

About speaker

Yurii is an Android Developer in Ciklum R&D lab with the passion to combine new innovative technologies and modern well architected applications. Dozens of successfully developed apps, winner of ‘Garage48 IoT & Machine Learning’ hackathon and Tango project contributor.
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