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Taking Objective-C to the next level

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We're all really excited about Swift these days, and even though most people agree that Swift is the future of iOS development - most of us still have a lot of Objective-C code that we have to keep working with. Instead of being frustrated with Objective-C, or do something radical and rewrite your whole app in Swift - there are a ton of modern concepts and design patterns that can easily be implemented in Objective-C, as well as in Swift.


The description succinctly sets out the problem the talk addresses, and what attendees will learn.


During this talk, I will show some examples on how Spotify keeps moving its Objective-C codebase forward, and how you easily can improve the quality, testability and predicability of your Objective-C code. There will be live coding!

The abstract provides additional concrete details on what will be covered.


John has been building apps, tools and games for Apple platforms since the early days of the iOS SDK. For the last 3 years, he's been working on the Spotify iOS app, implementing new features, trying out new design patterns and building frameworks for dynamic UI development. John is also a huge fan of Swift, spending a large part of his spare time hacking away on open source projects, games and tools using it.

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