Media partnership

We invite your company (your resource, your conference) to be a media partner of UA Mobile 2017!

The media partnership in the conference suggests the following from media partners:

  1. Posting a banner of UA Mobile 2017 on your information resource;
  2. Publishing information about the conference in the news feed of your resource, as well as in social networks;
  3. Distributing the information about the event through the registered customers database;
  4. Other ways of information promotion.

In partnership we offer: 

  1. Placing the logo and the information about your company on the conference website; 
  2. Possibility to place the Х-banner during the event; 
  3. Placing the advertisement or information about your event in the electronic newsletter (digest) UA Mobile 2017 for all registered conference participants;
  4. Posting news about your event in the news section of the conference website.